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I'm no tea expert but I like what I like and say it as it is. Tea's reviewed are all 'loose leaf' tea (not tea bags), brewing was for 6 min's in a tea pot. I've given overall ratings based on aroma, colour, strength, flavour and value for money
Faeryland Grasmere (from Ebay) - Tel: 015394 35060

Faeryland Grasmere is a Tea Garden in Cumbria set in wonderful scenery of the lake district.

According to Rick at Faeryland Grasmere the tea is blended on site and packed to order, it contains teas from Sri Lanka (Dimbula, Uva, Nuwara Eliya) and is described as luxury black tea (Orange Pekoe) with cornflower petals & natural flavours. Many of the teas come from smaller estates producing less leaves but of a high quality
The packaging consists of a smart tea caddy (a tin) which is sealed in plastic. On opening it becomes immediately apparent that this is going to be a full bodied and full flavoured tea, the scent of bergamot wafts past your nose and makes your mouth water. After making a fresh brew (6 min's brewing) the tea is a lovely light golden colour which has a very slight film of oil on the surface (this is from the bergamot) and the fragrance is still strong and juice smelling. The taste of the tea is well balanced and there's no hint of bitterness, it leaves a lovely coating on the tongue which made my tongue slightly tingle. This tea was just as good cold as hot and proved to be a winner. Price of a 100g caddy was £6.95 + postage which was one of the highest priced teas but then it was also the nicest!
AROMA 9 / 10
COLOUR 8 / 10
FLAVOUR 9 / 10
VALUE 6 / 10
OVERALL 39 / 50 or 78%
Simpli-Special (from Ebay but also on Amazon - note the spelling!)
According to Carol at simpli-special the tea is blended off site to enable it to be consistant, it contains tea from Sri Lanka. Described as a premium loose leaf tea this one Orange Pekoe black tea, cornflower petals & natural flavours.
The packaging consists of a stay fresh foil bag which is re-sealable with a supplied fastener. The tea didn't contain many cornflower petals but I can live with that, the fragrance was wonderful on opening the pack and has a strong scent of bergamot. After making a fresh brew the tea was clearly quite strong and darker than many others, the flavour was also a little stronger and the black tea was more apparent offering a slightly bitter taste. The bergamot comes though well and gave a lovely after taste which lingered well. Another winner and at £3.20 + post was one of the better value teas I've tasted so far.
AROMA 7 / 10
COLOUR 8 / 10
FLAVOUR 7 / 10
VALUE 7 / 10
OVERALL 37 / 50 or 74%
Rutland Tea Company 'Blue Star' (from Ebay)
According to Anna at Rutland Tea Company the tea is blended on site and contains tea from India and Ceylon and is orange pekoe grade. This tea is also decorated with cornflower petals and flavoured with natural bergamot oil.
The packaging consists of a stay fresh re-sealable bag. Opening the bag gave an immediate hit of bergamot fragrance with some other citrus notes noticed. After making a fresh brew is gave a lovely golden colour but mysteriously some of the bergamot fragrance had gone and was replaced by some other citrus fragrance. The flavour was good but not as 'bergamotty' as some other tea tested and the mysterious (but pleasant) taste of the citrus seems to be coming from what I think tasted more like grapefruit. Perhaps this is the oil/flavour used? Price of this tea was £3.40 + post for 100g
AROMA 6 / 10
COLOUR 7 / 10
FLAVOUR 6 / 10
VALUE 7 / 10
OVERALL 34 / 50 or 68%
Twining's Earl Grey (from ASDA)
Packaging was the typical stylish black box containing a foil pack. There were no information on the pack as to the origin or grade of the tea used nor of the bergamot 'flavour' and no cornflower petals. On opening the tea it became apparent that I was going to be disappointed with this tea, I almost had to snort the tea to get any fragrance! After making a fresh brew it gave a nice golden coloured tea but as I suspected it was seriously lacking in bergamot flavour. The tea was almost just tea bag tea, mainly small bits of tea and quite lacking in any real character. This was the biggest disappointment as Twining's used to be the pinnacle of tea sellers.
AROMA 2 / 10
COLOUR 8 / 10
FLAVOUR 2 / 10
VALUE 4 / 10
OVERALL 23 / 50 or 46%
Earl Drops® available from Les Pickin (me) 
Packaging on this is a simple card box with a tea plantation background and printed instructions for use. It's a liquid tea flavouring that you simply use by making a 'normal' cup of tea using any tea bag you fancy and then add 3 - 5 drops of Earl Drops to it and stir. The resulting cuppa is outstanding and the fragrance of bergamot second to none, you can almost see the fruits! Any tea bag will give the desired effect from the cheapest to the most expensive, you can adjust the strength of Earl Grey by simply adding more or less drops without affecting the strength of the tea element and at £4.99 for a 10ml bottle it represents excellent value for money. Natural flavourings are used and it its bottled in the UK
AROMA 8 / 10
FLAVOUR 8 / 10
VALUE 8 / 10
OVERALL 37 / 50
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