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My personal pets include Bruce and Betty, Gwangy the Yemen Chameleon (Chamaeleo Calyptratus) and my frogs (too many to name) Some of these can be found in the "My Pets" section.

Bruce and Betty are Argus Monitors (Varanus panoptes panoptes) - These are a VERY large lizards originating in Northern Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Adult males generally get to around 6 feet in length but over half of that is tail. You may think tail huh so what. But let me tell you about that tail. This applies to all Varanus (monitor lizards) to a greater or lesser extent depending on species.

Bruce the Argus Monitor

In this group of lizads the tail is one of their most formidable weapons and they can flick it with deadly accuracy and with such speed and force that I would imagine a full on whip could break an adult human leg, and if that weren't enough; the speed of the whip if it didn't break a leg would certainly lacerate it to bits!

Apparently scientists claim that the tail tip on some of the sauropod dinosaurs could exceed 750 miles an hour. Massive energy was produced from a gigantic tail whip causing the tip sections to exceed the sound barrier inflicting considerable damage or death to the victim. Now there's an interesting thought, dinosaurs were the first creature to break the sound barrier and create a sonic boom, not humans!

Fortunately for me, this pair of pampered walking handbags have been handled every day since hatching and have become 'tolerant' of me, each has only bitten me once and that was my fault as I was hand feeding at the time; fingers look a tad too much like extended like rat pups.

I'll add some more photos as I get the time but there's always some in the photo gallery
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