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My Earliest Memories age 18 +

As I've scanned the photos in so they are a nice size I have to limit how many I put on a page so my memories are broken in to year segments 0 to 10 | 10 to 14 | 15 to 18 | 18 +

Another Day 1988

This must have been a boring day because these are self portraits!

Frying Tonight

Here I am dressed in cooks whites on leave from NAAFI 1989.?

I used to be 'Bar B Q Man' whenever the occasion called for it as dads barbie food was always cindered on the outside and caveman raw in the middle, Mmmmm.

Les in cooks whites

Me by me
Les Pickin - 30th birthday in York Birthday Boy

Here I am pictured with a bevy of beauties from work.?

It was my 30th birthday and we all went to York for a night on the town.

I remember very little of the evening except that is was gooood :)

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