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My Earliest Memories age 10 - 14 years

As I've scanned the photos in so they are a nice size I have to limit how many I put on a page so my memories are broken in to year segments 0 to 10 | 10 to 14 | 15 to 18 | 18 +

Les Pickin at 11 years Les Pickin at 14 years
Cornwall 1974

We had lots of holidays in Cornwall and they were just as good as the foreign ones.

Cornwall in 1979 aged 14

If you look very closely you'll see a small scar where I had my appendix removed a few weeks earlier - the scar is on the left of the photo

Me and Mam at Lands End, Cornwall 1979 Me and Gray fishing in Cornwall 1980
Brown's the new black

Same holiday to Cornwall here I'm at Lands End with mam, Ann.

Something Fishy

Those aquatic tendencies are showing again, this time with my big bro' Graham.

Don't remember getting crabs though!

Don't these round edged photos 'smack' of the late 70's and early 80's tastes in cheap mail order processing.
Dad, Gray and me fishing in Cornwall 1980 The fishing family Pickin

Same holiday and probably the same day pictured with (from left to right) Dad Fred, brother Graham and yours truly.

Getting ready for a days whaling :)

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