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My Earliest Memories

You'll note that when I say memories I mean photos which bring them back. I've found that photos are the best way to remember the past or act as a catalyst at least.

As I've scanned the photos in so they are a nice size I have to limit how many I put on a page so my memories are broken in to year segments 0 to 10 | 10 to 14 | 15 to 18 | 18 +

Les Pickin at 5 years

What a handsome chappy!


I think I'm about 5 in this?

A series of Polaroid shots from a 1970's Spanish holiday, I must be about 8 in this one.

Don Quixote

Me in a very large cactus 'tree' in Spain on the same holiday. I think it was some where around Valencia in 1973 (ish)

Must be Friday

Believe it or not I still have that very fishing rod, actually it's made of bamboo with brass connectors - looks dead old fashioned.

Toxic Waste

Leaving my mark under a tree with Geoff my neighbour way back in 1973. Geoff came with us that year and we had a great time, one of the holidays you never forget.

Luna Landing Even at an early age the aquatic tendencies were showing, again the same holiday and on a beach near Valencia?. Look how empty the beach is!, perhaps they saw us under the tree and got out of the way :)That's me with the knock knees!


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